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And then shall they see the Son of man coming in clouds with great power and glory. (ASV)



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The surrounding Verses seem to imply that "Mark's" Jesus will make two Recognizable appearences:

1) An Expected visit during "Mark" where no one recognizes Jesus because he was Expected.

2) An Unexpected visit post "Mark" where every one recognizes Jesus because he was Unexpected.

Christianity accordingly generally claims that Jesus will come twice and that this is prophesied in the Tanakh. Yet if you add up the numbers you get more than two. Another example of the New Testament Math?:

1) Christianity claims that Theophanies in the Tanakh were actually Jesus. Shouldn't these count as appearences of Jesus?

2) Jesus is born on earth.

3) Jesus disappears for twelve years and then from out of nowhere suddenly shows up at Temple (not unlike many other Jews I know).

4) Jesus disappears for eighteen years and then from out of nowhere suddenly shows up at a Baptism.

5) Jesus is "transfigured" and then reappears normal.

6) Jesus sacrifices himself to himself and appears in Hell.

7) After three days in Hell Jesus reappears to some followers.

8) Every Christian I have ever asked says Jesus has appeared to them at least once. Oral Roberts claimed he saw a 1,000 foot Jesus.

9) Christianity expects Jesus to come one or two more times (tribulation revelation).

Is it just me or does all of this add up to more than two comings of Jesus?

--JoeWallack 08:33, 13 Dec 2006 (CST)


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