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Now David was the son of that Ephrathite of Beth-lehem-judah, whose name was Jesse; and he had eight sons: and the man was an old man in the days of Saul, stricken [in years] among men. (ASV)


So Jesse had 8 sons,

1 Samuel 17:14 And David was the youngest; ...

According to 1 Samuel 17, therefore Jesse had 8 sons, whereof David was the youngest. This is in keeping with 1 Samuel 16:10-11.

But according to 1 Chronicles 2:13-15, David was the 7th son of Jesse.

--FreezBee 04:39, 31 Jan 2006 (CST)


An explanation for the discrepancy between 1 Samuel and 1 Chronicles can be found in the CON section at 1 Chronicles 2:15.

According to ChristianAnswers/jessesons the apparent contradiction can be solved by assuming that one of the sons had died in the meantime. --FreezBee 04:50, 31 Jan 2006 (CST)


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